Services for students and individuals

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  • Giving Personal Career Counselling:
    Making students aware of their natural talent in order to develop their full potential and supporting in deciding their career path according to it.
  • Giving Guidance and University Counselling:
    Assisting students about the higher education options, their entry requirements and selection criteria to access to worldwide recognized universities.
  • Managing university applications and liaising with Universities admission officers worldwide.
  • Newsletter:
    Providing information about academic scholarships, sports grants, international programs and competitions, international calls and volunteer-ism offers, Au-pair programs, summer school programs, language exchange programs and much more through our weekly newsletter.
  • Working Experience Program:
    Managing and providing opportunities based on internship programs in companies for students before accessing to university or during the university studies respectively.
  • Obtaining a place where students are able to carry out a volunteer program abroad.
  • Spreading information and assistance to apply for European educative programs.
  • Accessing to our international virtual exchange “Bank of Time” with worldwide schools.
  • Assisting with the visa application and accommodation abroad, if required.

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