Services for schools and institutions

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School children and their teacher in a high school class

  • Periodical newsletter:
    Sending information about academic scholarships, sports grants, international programs, international calls, school competitions, au-pair, voluntarism programs through the weekly newsletter
  • Assistant teachers:
    Obtaining school assistant teachers free of cost through funds from European Commission for worldwide schools.
  • Applying for European educative programs and obtaining European funds for worldwide schools.
  • Providing University guidance counselling:
    Assisting students about the higher education options, foreign educative systems, their entry requirements, selection criteria to access to worldwide recognized universities.
  • Providing personal career counselling:
    Making students aware of their natural talent in order to develop their full potential and supporting in deciding their career path according to it.
  • Managing university applications and as well liaising with Universities admission officers worldwide.
  • Working Experience Program:
    Managing internships in companies for school/university students before accessing to University or during the University studies respectively.
  • Partner school seeker:
    Searching for partner schools abroad in order to develop international educative programs.
  • Managing the “School Guest Program”:
    Coordinating school guests visit where guest come to the school to speak about their professional in real life.
  • Providing information to teachers and educational stuff related lifelong learning grants opportunities and on-line platforms.
  • Accessing to our international virtual exchange “Bank of Time” with worldwide schools.
  • Assisting with the visa application and accommodation abroad, if required.
  • Public Relations School program
    In the present globalized era, outstanding schools need to give global diffusion to their activities and achievements, not only in their website. However, most of the time, teachers find their-self overloaded with work and they do not know or can not spend their time in liaising with mass media agents.
    In order to fulfill this gap and making this process smoothly, EduEntry has created the Public Relations School program, based on the following tasks:
    • Giving visibility to school activities, events and achievements for brand-consistent public relations opportunities, including issues of importance to admissions, community service projects, athletic & academic achievements, school milestones, significant alumnae achievements, etc.
    • Giving visibility to the activities and achievements within the school through mass media: TV, newspaper, youth institutions, partner companies, etc.
    • Developing new relationships with admissions agents to expand marketing network across the globe.
    • Maintaining active and professional profile with network of recruiting agents, educational specialists and boarding school agencies.
    • Cultivating and maintaining effective relationships with all media.